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"Organic Homes The Next Phase In Housing Evolution"


What is an Organic Home?

An Organic or Green Home uses less energy, water and natural resources; creates less waste; and is healthier to live in than a traditional home. 

Some Green Homes are certified through a building certification program such as LEED®.  Most certified Green Homes are new construction homes where builders create homes using processes and materials that are eco-friendly and resource efficient.  These builders focus on creating structures that will reduce the home's environmental impact throughout its life.  Although a certified Green Home adds value to the home, not all Green Homes must be certified.  Many existing homes have been remodeled with sustainable building principles in mind and now contain significant Green Features that help reduce the homes consumption of natural resources and its overall environmental impact.  Green Homes are built or remodeled with the following goals in mind:

Efficient use of energy, water, and other resources

  • Protect the homes occupants from indoor air pollution that may harm their health
  • Reduce waste, pollution, and overall environmental impact

As a result, green homes may incorporate some of these features:

  • Solar panels or wind turbines
  • Fixtures and products that reduce consumption of water and energy without sacrificing quality
  • Landscape designed to reduce outdoor potable water use
  • No-VOC paints, stains, sealants, etc.
  • Products and materials containing a high percentage of recycled content
  • Locally-sourced products and materials

Organic or Green Homes have been found in many studies to increase property value.  A home that costs less to maintain and is healthier to live in, is more attractive to homebuyers than a comparable traditional home.  Because of these features, Green Homes generally result in enhanced marketing appeal for the property and potential faster sale of the home.


Understand Whether A Home Is Energy Efficient or Not

  Hers Scale


As far as energy rating benefits go, one of the major benefits is informing homeowners and potential homeowners about the energy performance of their current or potential home.  Many homeowners are plagued by high utility bills and are unaware that in many cases the fault may lie not in over usage of electricity but performance issues with the house.  An energy rating will rank a home based on its performance an assign it a HERS Index Score.  The HERS Index Score functions as sort of an energy efficiency version of a MPG (miles-per-gallon) sticker for houses.  It informs homeowners and potential purchasers about how their home or potential home, compares to other similar homes in terms of energy usage.  A lower HERS Index Score signifies a more energy efficient home.


Home Energy Rating Score (HERS) Made Easy






Energy Efficient Mortgage Program

Get Additional $8,000 - $100,000

Improve, Renovate or Update your Next Home


 Benefits of Enrolling in the Energy Efficient Mortgage Program


  • 2% Listing Fee
  • Increased Profits from Home Sale
  • Reduced Marketing Time
  • Attract more Buyers (with HERS Index Score)
  • Promote a Healthier Home Environment


  • Get Additional $8,000 - $100,000 to Improve, Renovate, or Update your next home
  • Increase Property Value
  • Live in a Healthy Home
  • Increase Home Performance
  • Increase Energy Efficiency
  • Lower Monthly Utility Cost
  • Receive State and Federal Incentives and Rebates